Sunday, January 10, 2010

natural high

Its been a week, let me tell you. I think the weather is just taking so much out of me lately.. just don't feel too motivated to do much. Yesterday i went out and actually bought a vacuum... yes since myself and my cousin moved here... we were a little vacuumness(been borrowing our friends). So yesterday and this morning all i have been doing is clean, clean, clean.
Maybe all of this cleaning has to do with some extremely good news i got this week. I finally got a call from the clinic!! I am so excited!! when i was talking to the woman she said to me almost in a disappointed voice that the only time that they have free was April 8Th then apologised that it is so far away. I told her no, no, its good, i thought it would take so much longer. It is thrilling and also a bit scary that in only 4 months i will be sitting in an office and talking to a doctor about the potential of me becoming a mommy. the doctors secatery said that she was going to be sending me a information package about what to expect and what will happen. I have been on such a high since then I just don't want to come off of it.

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