Monday, January 25, 2010

shaken and stirred...

I talk to her through facebook, and that's all. She says that she loves me, but i really don't know anymore. I am talking about my mom.
There was (well its still hitting us) a blizzard. I went online to check out my facebook before i ventured out in the cold and blowing snow to go to work. She was online and just asked her if my dad went to work (they live in the country). she said no, everyone is home. My dad is the only one who drives in that household, so my mom and my sister did not go to work either. She then asked me if i was going to work. I found it kind of strange, she knows that i only live a five min walk, if that from work, but i do drive because i need to get home as soon as i can at three to watch the little sky guy.
I told my mom that i was going, if i cant get out of my parking spot, then a walking i will go. I thought that was the responsible thing to do, go to work. well my mom surprised me and she called me *bleeping* stupid. *bleeping* stupid to be going to work. I could not believe it. sure if i lived further away, i might see her point, but if i walk down to the main road (less then a min walk) and look in the direction of work... i can almost see it.
So she calls me stupid then when i told her i had to go, she tells me that she loves me. I really can not stand these mixed signals.
I so hope that when i become a mommy, i do not do this to my child. I know I will not be perfect, but i do not want to pass on this confusion to my child.
I really hope everyone had a better day than i did.

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