Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The air is getting lighter

Slowly but surely i have started to tell certain people who are dear to me on what i want to do.
I live with my cousin. She was living with my sister and myself before the big blow up and we decided to move in together. I have been close with her all of my life and i fell that she is more than my cousin but a sister as well. That is why I think i was real hesitant on telling her my plans on becoming a mommy. I was afraid that if i told her that she might not see things the way i do. That maybe she would not want to live in the same apartment with a baby. She does love kids and says she does want some one day, but i did not want to assume anything.
This morning i don't really know how we got onto the subject of babies, I bit the bullet and told her of what i have planned. Her eyes brightened up and she gave me a huge grin then went into a loud high pitched squeal on how she loves babies and she is real excited. Lol she even started to think on what we would have to do to make our apartment more baby friendly.
I started to tear up when she started to talk about all the baby stuff. I am so happy that i am getting the love and support of the people who i hold dear to my heart (i'm tearing up right now too hehe).

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