Friday, December 11, 2009

Yule came early today

well today was looking like a normal day. Ok not too normal. i picked up my mom to do a little yule shopping, and on the way to the city the rear passenger tire blew up. it was a bit scary but i was able to pull my car over to the side of the road with little to no problem. The only big problem was it was -27 plus the windchill factor so it must have been -5000 out. and there i am with no gloves, jacking up my car, then trying to figure out how to get the spare tire from under the car (new car and i have never changed a tire on him yet.) i was half way done getting the tire from under the car and completely frozen when a semi driver pulled over and lent a grateful hand. He had the tire changed under five minutes. My mom and myself said our heartfelt thank yous to the man and went on our way to get a new tire for my car.
To make a long story short (i know its too late for that now lol) it took 7 hours for them to get my tire changed since its "change over to your winter tire" season. My cousin lent me her car in the meantime so we were able to continue to fight the crazy mobs in the mall to shop.
The best present today that i received was in the mail when i got home. I got a letter from my doctors office that they have contacted the clinic and they should be calling or mailing me with my appointment time and date. Luckily no one was near the mail box's when i got it because i squealed pretty loud with delight. I have never been so excited for a stranger to call me.


  1. Yay for the referal. Boo for the broken car. This is why it's important to keep warm clothes and a blanket in your car in the winter.

  2. I'm glad there was at least a very happy ending to your day. Hopefully, it's all the start of your new adventure in being a mom.